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Hello. I'm Paul Buckingham.  

VideoDriven specializes in working with you to empower your videos so they fully have the effect you intended. when you created them. 

We work with you to:

  • make sure your videos are found
  • maximise the sales and marketing potential your videos provide
  • track the effectiveness and usability of your video training programs are  to greatest effect

We achieve this using:

  • personal or secure group coaching you so you know how to manage your own accounts 
  • analysis of your current video library and recommended improvements
  • optional state -of -the-art video hosting that you can control
  • powerful analytics that show where your visitors are dropping off 
  •  tools supporting you to retain viewers

Please contact me for a private, no commitment conversation. No tricks, no heavy sales just an opportunity to solve your problems and get your videos back to working effectively!

VideoDriven Works With You To Get Your Videos Working Effectively

What's VideoDriven?

We work with clients who drive online relationships with video