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Why Use Interactive Videos To Lift Viewer Interest?

Sales, Marketing and e-Learning have been a one way flow of communication for far too long.  Now, interactive videos, actively involve your audience, shifting them from remaining a passive viewer to becoming an active user. 

At VideoDriven we are turning a lot of videos into interactive learning tools.

It may sound like hype but by adding interactivity to your existing videos - exactly as they are now -  we can control the activity of the viewer, either by directing them to a next step, checking how much they know or redirecting them to a sales page.

Our interactive functionality sits on TOP of the video and so you don't have to remake the original at all.  

Want to change the link, add a quiz or a chapter?  Just do it on our interface and it simply, automatically displays on your page.

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How many of these elements could you use your video?

  1. Searchable with chapters
  2. Quizzes
  3. In-video clickable links
  4. Multi-language subtitles
  5. On video drawing

Interactive video quizzes

Students and even general visitors love to answer questions and then see how they score.  If your web subject matter lends itself to this it’s a fantastic way to enrol your visitor in what you have to offer. 

It is obviously a huge step up for all e-learning activities.  Let us show you more...

Drawing on the video

Is this really possible?  Well - it's an illusion as the drawing actually takes place on top of the video which means it doesn't have to be permanent.  

A picture can tell a thousand words but, especially if it is graphic, it needs some action..  So why not illustrate a point by drawing on the illustration or graphic, engaging the visitor as you deepen your information and metaphorically  complete the picture for them.

This interactivity can be incorporated into your new video or used to enhance old content you want to revamp and make more interesting. Let us show you more...