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Who We Are And How We Work With You 

With over 30 years in the business education sector, creating video and audio based products to assist e-learning, sales, marketing and training , creator of VideoDriven, Paul Buckingham recognised a growing gap between making the programs and their effective use.

Clients were putting too much effort into making their video rather than planning and delivering their sustained, productive, on-going use.

Issues fell into these  categories.  Does it sound familiar?

  • Change of management or circumstances meant nothing being done with the videos once made.
  • Videos were hosted in many locations and clients couldn't keep effective track of them.
  • Great videos failed to successfully collect information about the viewers and who they were.
  • No-one was really sure if they got the result the wanted.
  • Many just became outdated.
  • Videos were scattered everywhere with no catalogue or CMS.

So, we set about creating a solution to these problems.  There are 3 main packages that are delivered but you can always mix and match depending on the video and e-learning efficiencies you want to create.

About the Team

Paul Buckingham

From a production background in Australian commercial radio, Paul began creating business educational content in his loungeroom after a chance encounter with Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  The worldwide growth of his reputation in this field led to projects with Mike Basch, co-founder of Fedex, the broader Rich Dad team, Brad Cooper, Chris Howard and the promoters of Tony Robbins.  

He also became internationally recognised for his extensive interviewing skills especially in the field of Employee Communications and small businesses.  This has meant that he has been able to get excellent content from the most inexperienced communicators,at times.

Now, with VideoDriven, he manages the online development of his productions, turning video into an interactive learning tool. More...