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10 Reasons Hosting Videos Beyond YouTube Just Works

Hosting videos on YouTube can play an important role in your video marketing strategy.  But you also need to use a professional host to maximise how your videos are found, viewed and tracked especially if you are eLearning. Don't let your videos get 'lost' on YouTube...

Before you load any of your videos into your video hosting - whoever it is, make particularly sure you have worked out what you want to get from the video.    Do you need to track and direct traffic? Can the videos be ad free?  Here's my 10 key things to consider.

1. Quality hosting will give you a much better return on your investment.

 Why? Whether your video production budget is small or large, whether your video is selling or educating, you only have limited control over how it's presented with YouTube, and you have almost no effective way of tracking who sees it.

As an alternative, our hosting packages enable you to track your videos, learn who's watching and direct them where YOU want!

2. Why are you making a video? 

Let us help you choose your best video hosting solution

It may seem like a silly question but surely you want it to be seen by your target audience?

For example, our hosting plans enable complete control over how videos are displayed and with no intrusive and often irrelevant ads! (Unless you want to add your own of course!)

If you run an eLearning course or have a particular sales message you want to share, how much difference would that make?

3. Get creative when hosting videos

With secure hosting, the inner entrepreneur in you can get really creative and create quizzes, draw pictures, include active links to sales pages and create innovative ways to keep viewers engaged.

4. Sharing is easy

Once made and uploaded,  it is super simple to socially share or email your video to your friends, clients, colleagues and students and automatically track their responses.  

And you can track its success any way you like, wherever it ends up and however it's used.

5. You can collect email addresses before, during or after your videos

If you want to provide interested visitors with an opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter you can selectively set individual videos to 'gatekeep' requiring an optional or compulsory email prior to watching.   

6. Our videos play nicely in mobile and desktop devices.

No matter where you are in the world and on what type of player, our videos know exactly how to display on the screen with minimal buffering and maximum possible speed.

7. You can choose your own thumbnail image.

Are you sick of showing off your videos with minimal control over the display image?  We enable you to either upload a specially created thumbnail or simply choose a representative frame from anywhere in the video

8. You can set the play controls to do whatever you want the user to experience. 

Chapter them, create playlists or keep them private? Simple
Pause at the end? No problem!  Autoplay? OK!  Option to replay? Too easy!  Share socially? Magic!
We can't do the washing though...

9. What about low budget solo online business people?

Just because you may only make one or two videos you can still manage them highly cost-effectively and get great results.  In fact, I would suggest that knowing how your existing videos are performing, will be invaluable and may even inspire you to create more. (SiteSell clients read more)

10. And they can be found by Google and the other search engines.  

SEO is alive and well in video land!
Hooked? Let me tell you a little more about how you can do this cost effectively and painlessly...

Try it for yourself...