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Choosing A Video Hosting Service
To Manage Your eLearning Content

eLearning, Sales and Marketing videos all have one thing in common.  You need to be able to control how they are used, know who is watching them and be able to follow up with the viewers.  Our specialist video hosting service makes all this possible in one place.

What's the connection between eLearning and Video Hosting?

Ask yourself.  What is my most wanted response by creating a eLearning video?  

My answer would be: I want the end user to be engaged in the content and take away a new or developed skill by watching.  This principle could also apply if it is a sales or 'About Us' video.  But with eLearning there are special requirements and this is where specialist hosting and management such as we deliver clients, becomes effective and invaluable.

Most relevant is secure hosting, so material cannot be copied, password protected material and user tracking with the ability to integrate with an email database.

Here's a sample of our video hosting service and marketing resources for eLearning

User Tracking
View the stats for a user, at a glance or drill down to examine which parts of a video have been reviewed multiple times, or ignored.
Email integration and tracking
Test your enrollment and engagement videos promoted to new audiences not already on your database. Customise your responses.
Password Protection
Add an extra layer of security or exclusivity by adding a password before permitting viewing. Regular users have unrestricted access.
Domain Lockdown
Restrict piracy or unwanted information sharing by choosing the domains your videos can be displayed on.
Choose Your Own Thumbnails
Display the exact part of the video you want to display instead of having the system dictate.
No Special Player Code Required
Don't waste time attempting to manage designing a player. Ours is simple, is included and visually appealing.

Take VideoDriven for a "Test Drive"

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How the VideoDriven video hosting service works

  • Once the registration process is complete, we will set up your trial account
  • Signing up with VideoDriven means we can provide you with our personal expertise and advice within an eLearning context
  • Once your account exceeds the first month, we will give you one month's grace before deleting the unwanted account